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We get it. It’s not easy to talk about money in the local church. For pastors and key leaders, it can seem self-serving. Abuse of donors by high-profile ministries in years past has put a chill on ‘the money talk” for many of us. We can even try to avoid the conversation altogether until budget time or a cash crisis. Simply put, healthy churches have healthy discussions about money on an ongoing basis. To help break barriers, the CBWC Foundation is committed to resourcing churches with charitable giving materials that are biblically sound and culturally appropriate.


So, pull out some popcorn and have a look. There is an explanation video for leaders, maybe start there.  Hopefully, you will find these videos helpful, even if they simply help you plan your own ideas for generating healthy money conversations.

An Introduction for Pastors

This series of short 3-5 minute video clips is meant to be used in church worship services.


The videos are meant to be high quality, with a conversational tone, and feature simple and biblical concepts with practical application.


They mean to spur discussion and conversation.

Video 1 Why should we give?

Video 2 How should we give?

Video 3 Where should we give?

Video 4 How much should we give?

Video 1 Why should we give?

Video 5 Giving: A Transformation of the Heart

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