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Donating shares helps you and the recipient at the same time. Donors avoid capital gains tax and empower CBWC ministries. Please note: Our Gift of Securities form and Transfer form were updated March 2019. Kindly download the new forms provided to begin the process of transferring shares.


How It Works

Once you complete the forms, contact your investment advisor to initiate the share transfer process. Once the transfer is made, we sell the shares, forward the net proceeds to your designated charity, and issue a tax receipt to the donor. (* The final amount of the donation will be the net proceeds on the disposition of securities.)


  • You can designate proceeds to your favourite charity

  • Donated shares are completely tax receipt-able

  • There is no capital gains tax

  • Gifts can be donated anonymously

More questions?

Contact Christine Reid (403) 930-7004

or email


Strategic charitable gift planning is a donor-centred process of planning current and future charitable gifts in a way that meets your long term philanthropic goals and balances personal, family and tax considerations.

Help and Inspire Future Generations

When reflecting on our life, we often look for lasting meaning. We may wonder:  “How will I be remembered?”  Planning a Will gift specific for developing and/or sustaining your favourite ministry can help bring a sense of peace, comfort and clarity.   

Did you know that the Development Fund is a pool of money set aside for the future development of CBWC Ministries? Monies are used for initiatives such as church planting, refugee sponsorship, church health initiatives and local church resourcing. The Foundation is happy to direct your donation specifically to the Development Fund for future CBWC ministry initiatives, either through long term will or insurance gifts, share donations and/or cash.

More questions?

Call Louanne Haugan 

(403) 228-9559 ext 303 or email

You Have Gifting Options


Some of these options are deferred and will be received by your favourite charity, after your lifetime.  Some will go to work during your lifetime.  All deliver their own individual kinds of tax advantages and these can be very powerful tools to save money in your Estate or for your present needs.

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