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Share Donation Program

Make a bigger impact by donating securities and mutual funds!


When you donate publicly traded securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.) directly to your favourite charity, you eliminate the capital gains tax when they are sold. Your charity gets the full value of the securities, and you receive a larger tax credit.


Gift of securities facilitated through the CBWC Foundation, allows the donor to donate directly to a church or charity without realizing capital gains. The Foundation issues a tax receipt directly to the donor for the receipt value (the value of the shares on the date received.)


The beneficiary (church or agency) receives monies for the value of shares on the settlement date, less the administration fee. The entire process is managed and facilitated by the CBWC Foundation.


Donor Benefits

Use of investments without incurring capital gains tax.

Immediate use of funds for the beneficiary.

Administration provided by a third party.

Ability to donate “anonymously”.

Simple and convenient method of donating to your favorite charity.

Admin Fees (Shares) 

less than 10,000 - 2.75%

10,000 - 74,999 - 2.25%

75,000+ - 1%

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